እንኳን ደህና መጡ

Welcome to Amharic Room!
This site is built aiming at giving practical information about Amharic, one of the most influential languages in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a country which, perhaps many of you are not familiar with. Discover how attracting the country and its language(s) are. I would be glad if this site could help you become interested in Ethiopia.

About Myself

Born on 27th , Hamle, 1976 of Ethiopian Calendar. Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, department of French (Bachelor in Foreign Language). Graduated from Graduate School of letters, Nagoya University, department of linguistics (Master of Letters). Completed doctoral course in Nagoya University. Specializing in phonetics, phonologies, morphology… etc. of Amharic language. Now teaching linguistics and phonetics in several institutions. Interested in classical music and Japanese traditional storytelling art, Rakugo.